Why Apple Will Lose the Innovation War…AGAIN!!

Okay, a lot of talk has been fermenting about Apple’s recent aggressive moves to shape the developing web market. To be fair, Steve Jobs has been behind many grand devices, and his war to take control of web and communication innovation seems to be going very well. Apple has locked horns with web Titan Google by infringing upon their ad domain. Apple alsolooks to potentially banish one of the web’s most important gate keeper’s Adobe.

By all means, king Steve looks to truly take control and finally reclaim the throne usurped by Microsoft so many years ago. At least according to many bloggers and web publicaitons.

I say not a chance in Hell. Here’s why.

Take a quick look at this post I ran into on Google Buzz a while ago. Its from Zdnet and criticizes Jobs for his lack of corporate manners.


There is a lot more going on here than a lack of manners. This article outlines a potentially deadly flaw in Apple’s strategy: one that could banish apple to the fringe of tech and web development once again.

To put it simply, Apple needs to stop making such powerful enemies. Jobs has alienated so many companies in quick succession that his ambition and hubris is obvious. To the masses, this appears to be a demonstration of power, illustrating Apple’s unbeatable strategy.

What I see is different. By alienating Google AND Adobe at the same time, Jobs has potentially created a close relationship between the two. I am also willing to bet that Apple is not finished giving the finger to well established internet forces as well.

Alone Adobe would likely wither away, a company loathed by many savy web lurkers. But Jobs has not simply thrown them out by their loan some. Google lurks in the shadows, and I don’t care what anyone says, Google is one hell of a threat.

Jobs may not want to work with adobe and tarnish his beautifully closed products, but Google probably does. If anyone could help solve adobe’s woes and convert them into a leaner, more affective force, Google can, and likely will.

I am no futurist, and I don’t claim to be. But I know Jobs is sowing some ugly alliances against him here. Google and Adobe could potentially rescue the open source platform so treasured by writers like Zittrain and Lessig. The words of Machiavelli have never rang clearer.

Its better to be feared than loved, but far worse to be hated. Apple is garnering a lot of hate right now, and it is only a matter of time before it rises against them.


4 Responses to “Why Apple Will Lose the Innovation War…AGAIN!!”

  1. Ummh… Apple had no other choice but to make enemies with google who released android to compete against apple on the first place. Regarding Adobe … they were good in old days of internet revolution …. but on mobile devices platform javascript and HTML5 standard or so advanced that for most occasions we dont need adobe or flash platform. Second as a framework it is blotted and heavy for mobile devices intsllation ,Tell me how many phones have you seen performing really well playing flash games on mobile.

  2. atmaweapon42 Says:

    These are all really good points, but Apple could have entered these markets with a bit more strategic foresight and avoided this cabal of wrath they are destined to reap.

    As far as the tech and hardware goes, innovation and development grow much faster in an open sourced environment. Adobe has its problems, but the benefits of a solid open sourced android platform offers more opportunity to grow and develop with a home brew developer group.

    This is why I said it will take time, capitalism dictates competition and enemies yes, but the star the burns the brightest burns out first. The back lash will be impressive.

    • Innovation can come from anywhere be it closed source or open source, afterall the worlds movers and shakers are all closed source including google , microsoft, Adobe and Apple. It is good to open source core technology, but there is no need to open GUI code. iPhone OS and MAC OS are mostly pumped up GUI’s but at its core they use mostly open source technologies including mac kernel and
      X-Windows. But i believe that opensource is not so effective in driving innovation all the time because if they are …? Why no body is able to create something like Mac or iPhone all this time ..? Infact if they can do anything like it more people would adopt linux and opensource, But on the contrary Apple has been consistent in showing innovation constantly for 30 years right from the days when they invented personal computing.

      The course of Open Source has always been the kind which is a follower they never really invented somthing new for the first time it always has been a follower and a alternate option to commercial/closed software. Did open source invent the first browser , web server , OS , kernel , filesystem , or even a general purpose CMS or Blog Engine like wordpress …..? Becuase they always posed an alternate to commercial software that is not innovation thats competition. Innovation is to create something new altogether and no to recreate something as an alternate. But none the less Opensource has created some strides and openup new models unseen by the markets. Every single Software Engineering book will argue that opensource development model cannot succeed but it does anyway and thats a marvel.

      • atmaweapon42 Says:

        I think I am too much a disciple of Zittrain. There is a bit of idealism here and its hard not to think of Google as some kind of hero.

        As short sighted as that is.

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