Bark into your gold
mike and swell like

infection, filled
with rot and pride:

stagnant, green
with blood’s long

absence. But carry

on dead campaigns.
Salute the old rust

and flaked cores
of hollow country,

mourned by Wasps
that sting and kill

as life abandons
their hopes and fear.

The founding fathers
crumbled to dust

hundreds of years
ago. No one told

you did they?
So throw black-

red roses on graves
unmourned, as blood

leaves cake the earth
around swollen feet.

The gout has begun
its advance. Soon

your words will soften,
and the aphid horde

will wander aimlessly,
lost in a despair

so full and deep
their teeth will tear

at all who cross them.
Your dittoheads will

EaT eAch otHer.


3 Responses to “Gout”

  1. I wish they would start eating each other already. Hurry it up.

  2. moondustwriter Says:

    Interesting correlation
    I’m with Jingle (week 12 or 13)
    ck out moondustwriter.com
    I am satirical or romantic

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