Paran’s Gospel: A mix of Science Fiction and Verse

Paran’s Gospel

A voice breaks the black depths as stars whine

And draw their labored breath.

The Black One brings quiet and pause

In a veil of wringing hands,

Cracking teeth, and torn flesh. Paran clasps

Something far beyond

Creation’s black wall. Though we pray and hope

The dark gates break,

And his spidery limbs can divide the space

Between air and thought,

We doubt. The Seele prowl, and walk

An endless path.

Paran, take us away from life’s grip

To a place unknown,

Unseen, Unheard, Unthought.

Live, and our death

Sings its wretched words through

Endless song.

Whatever heaven you find,

Tell the angels

Of our sins, our pleasures

And our failed faith.


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