British Web Bill Will Be Final Nail in Dino Industry’s Coffin

At first I was intimidated by the Techcrunch article describing the latest piece of legislation plowing its way through the British Legislator.

This article, titled “Double-Think,” outlines the rather dire implications for web start-ups and the general future of web media itself. This bill gives extreme power to the media companies frantically trying to crack down on the rampnat copyright infringements sinking the industry ship.

It’s not going to work. If anything it will just intensify the rot tearing the media industry to pieces. I know from first hand experience what increased Government involvement does to an industry.

My father is a commercial fisherman. He built a fifty foot shrimp trawler and fishes off the cost of Tybee Island Georgia. His vessel is magnificent to behold, especially since he built the damn thing himself.

Dad's Vessel: The Frankenstein

Beautiful huh?

To build this thing, Dad had to put down one HELL of an investment. Long story short, the industry has fallen apart around him. Why? A hell of a lot of reasons: foreign dumping of farm raised shrimp and oil prices just to name a few.

What makes this story relevant to the almost totalitarian tactics offered up by the British? Government involvement and failure. Local wild shrimpers can no longer turn a profit because of either unfair, or simply cheaper practices of competing countries. It’s ugly yes, but it is the truth.

The Government offered a lifeline to the local shrimping industry, taxing foreign imports like there was no tomorrow and offering grants and funding to keep the industry afloat. In a few years, there will be NO local shrimping industry left. The government stepped in to try and resuscitate and dying industry and all of their most pointed and aggressively efforts failed miserably.

The situation with the British is a bit scarier, but I would not give the ultimate outcome of this legislation a second thought. It WILL fail becuase government simply CANNOT sustain an industry with no viability. The fact that media companies are pushing this through proves just how desperate they have become.

There is blood in the water boys. Time to eat…


One Response to “British Web Bill Will Be Final Nail in Dino Industry’s Coffin”

  1. I know our world is falling apart, more people living on the streets, and going hungry.

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