A Moment

A Moment

Her white towel
falls. My blood
moves with force
of gale’s

breath. Our specter
forms drift step
to room of cream

My hands search
the silk skin
as lip-flesh

for taste of full
frame. She turns
and hot water

Steam’s heat clings
as arms touch.
Vise grip legs

clasp and lift
wingless angels
soul to heaven’s

She moans as eyes
close and nails
grip sting

the moments end.
Her fingers grip
my own as feet

to ground.
Her face leans
Press to chest.
We savor

the heavy air,
and speak each
others names
in whisper.


4 Responses to “A Moment”

  1. i like this.
    effective verse structure

  2. I really like the last verse so much.
    You hold me for more than just a moment.
    Well done!
    Mine is here if you got the time to visit me?
    Happy Easter!

  3. wow such strong emotions 🙂 so well expressed 🙂
    wondefully penned 🙂

  4. Totally felt the uber emotion good job 🙂

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