Beck’s urine tears
flow for cola labels
and rust-free aluminum

Cadillac frames.
He forgets
hangman’s noose-garland

wrapped in cyprus
bones, limbs.
He would never weep

for clear, lonely
plastic bottles
hidden in Mom’s drawer

sporting “M”
for narcotic
and numb thoughts, waste.

Its fine though
those things
fade in Nephi’s blaze

as pages rip
from sacred
book to get him higher

and higher,
facing even
God himself. Only now

his eyes burned
away, leaving
an empty shell of divine

nothing. Beck
won’t despair
even at the site of god’s

ashen face.
He can easily
fill the holes with chalk

and make his
God whatever
he wants. Maybe even

a cola label?


6 Responses to “Chalk”

  1. I really like your style here. Typifies Beck in a way that he couldn’t even understand!

  2. Sweet, David… I think we could actually write an entire novel about his ignoramus. He is so full of himself and greedy intentions that the world is simply not enough for him… he is, in my opinion, one of the biggest viruses on the face of the earth.

  3. atmaweapon42 Says:

    You know…his ideology doesn’t even bother me that bad (well yeah, maybe a bit) its his method of delivering it. The guy was a shock jock radio personality. If you know anything about his past, its obvious he took some of the darkest parts of shock show business and incorporated it into his political schtick.

    It’s manipulative as hell.

  4. This poem is whacked. Such drivel. Back unmasks the sick and twisted totalitarian mindset and those syncophants who willingly offer their virginity to federal gods. It’s all about control, baby. To those who dismiss Beck’s warnings and embrace the soothing hands and well endowed government teats, suck on, Souless, before the milk clots into little sour knots.

    • atmaweapon42 Says:

      As much as I didn’t want to approve that comment, it was so well worded I couldn’t deny it.

    • ganstajo Says:

      “to those who dismiss Beck’s warnings and embrace the soothing hands and well endowed….” Good Grief Man you make him sound like the returning Jesus Christ himself. Beck is more like the LAST TRIBULATION. Beck doesn’t unmasked anything worthwhile, except maybe his own hairy back which the ignorance of his “syncophants” ride on.

      As far as this poetry goes. Sweet! love “he can easily fill the holes with chalk”. Keep writing, don’t pay any attention to Neanderthals.

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