Web 2.0 Attack on Education: Part 2

Though this may seem insignificant, it looks to me like web2.0 business just cracked off a warning shot to one of the key responsibilities of many college instructors. Some may look at the arrival of MyEdu as a blessing, taking the burden of advisement from their shoulders and placing it in the hands of an independent agency, aggregating college planning across all levels. This will be a more extensive form of college advisement, beginning with the preliminary search for a school and ending with course planning itself.

Read the entire article for your self at Techcrunch, its a brisk read.


What is SO impressive about this is just how sneaky it is. If it works, this service could be embraced by colleges and universities as a way to cut back on some of the more monotonous tasks filled by higher level faculty. I bet few will actually stop and think about the implications here. Everyday, education becomes more of a business, as administrators work language into department policy detailing “customer service.” This startup will easily add fuel to that fire, allowing customization and (seemingly) automated responses to complex degree path questions.

We are being usurped guys. And something tells me this service could do a better job than any of us ever could, considering how weighed down we are with expanding class loads.

Wake up, we are under attack, and  I don’t think we can win.


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