Hold on to Your Hats, Its about to Get Worse

Sonny Perdue has officially released the revenue numbers, and to sum up the article, things don’t look good at all.


This means several things, Georgia is not quite on the mend yet from this recession, and budget rhetoric is about to get fierce.

That means the legislation’s budget agenda now has more fuel to burn, and that means Our Governor is under more pressure than ever to bend to their will. While some evidence exists that education budget cuts may be more political than necessary, the fire will be reignited. Write your legislators! Do not let this issue rest until the crisis is resolved.

I encourage you to link to Dr. Keel’s letter campaign page and locate your representatives. While you are at it, shoot an email or two…or seven to representatives Ehart and Carp: the leaders of this viking raid.

Keep pushing.


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