Never Waste a Crisis, but Don’t Bankrupt Students With Your Agenda Either.

A mix of good and frustrating news today as Governor Perdue continue to defend the university system with rather sharp rhetoric. This gets more entertaining every day, as Senators Harp and Ehrhart contradict each other and betray their obvious frustration with the constant deluge of emails and protests. I have never been a big fan of Sonny Perdue, but at this point, he has won a great deal of loyalty from me by standing up to these two.

Its not over yet, as  Ehrhart and harp have not officially backed down, but now that the true intentions of these cuts have come to light, maybe the legislators can sit down and craft some REASONABLE cuts to help get us through the final phase of this crisis: cuts not influenced by political agenda.

I use the term “final phase” there rather confidently as economic data has finally pulled into what looks like encouraging territory. Locally, some firms have begun to rehire old employees in an odd trend. Usually employers look for new talent after a bloodletting, but as the AJC reports, this recession has been so damaging, many are turning to the same workers let go less than a year ago.

While things are not exactly roaring back, there are  very positive signs of healing as the unemployment numbers stabilize and the stock market has officially recovered all of it losses from the year. I will be honest, I thought we were on the path to another crash, putting us at 8500 hundred on the Dow by the end of March. Thankfully, that does not seem to be the case.

This data is very important, because as the states fight to get their budgets under control, the data suggests that things are actually improving. We need to be on the lookout for politicized budget maneuvers, because obviously, many politicians look at this crisis as a potential gold mine for their agendas. Now that the recession could be losing steam, they could try to ram through all sorts of crazy stuff to just make a political point.

Keep writing and keep pushing. If we let up on these guys now they will just try to sneak it all through again.


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