Governor Perdue Claims Budget Crisis is Scare Tactic

It’s a bit odd to see my own predictions coming into fruition in regard to this crisis. Today, Governor Sunny Perdue actually accused the legislators of purposely creating fear with the budget cuts to the University system. The Atlanta Journal Constitution ran this story as the two sections of government vied for attention and control today. If you read the article closely, its clear that the 300 Million Dollar figure is something no one wants to commit to, but they continuously wave it in the faces of the press.

If the Governor doesn’t want these cuts, and the legislator wants to avoid it all costs, why the hell are they still waving it around like a threat?

Because it is intended to be a threat. Near the end of the article Seth Harp makes this abundantly clear.

“Harp repeated his contention that the chancellor and Regents have not looked hard enough at cutting the salaries of their top people. He disputed Chancellor Erroll Davis’ contention that such cuts would cause the best people to leave the system. He noted that a member of the Legislature was a Delta pilot now earning 35 percent less, but that the airline was healthy again.”

That should upset you quite a bit and here is why. Look at the letter from the congressman to my wife in an earlier post. This whole debacle is an attempt to knock down the bloated salaries of the university’s most prominent employees. The legislators pushed this massive budget cut through to scare the university system, and has instead terrified the public and the students!!

We need answers and we need the legislators to come clean if this is the case. I plan on writing my representative once more, but instead of urging them to stop the cuts, ask him to come clean about the INTENTIONS of the budget crisis scare tactics.

If our government dragged this new wave of cooperation and unification from us on something that has never been that big an issue to begin with…I think we should all be quite angry.

On the plus side, if I AM right, then this may mean the threat is not as dire as we once thought.


One Response to “Governor Perdue Claims Budget Crisis is Scare Tactic”

  1. Even if it is just a threat, my degree from Armstrong will basically be a relic. In the past 2 years, the IT program has gone to hell in a hand basket. I will not be surprised when it is killed. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

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