The Atlanta Journal Constitution has recently published a follow up piece regarding the protests and outpouring of support for the university system. Take it all in. Hopefully this means the worst case scenario is now officially off the table.

We should all take time to thank our students for their efforts and continue to encourage them in their fight. They are the ones most affected by these cuts, and really we all work for them anyway. They are a new generation of protester, a new generation of citizen more involved in the workings of government and society. They have the power to create solutions and change things for the better.

Lets help them in every way we can. If you have not read Don Tapscott’s Grown Up Digital, I strongly recommend you pick it up. His insights reveal so much about the students fighting to save their universities.

Lets chock this up a victory for the day. The heros? The learners willing to take a stand and fight for their right to learn!


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