President Keel’s Letter Campaign to Legislators

I may have already posted something about this, but I wanted to draw more attention to it and give everyone a bit of an update. I brought up the existence of this blog to President Keel last night at the faculty forum and he gave some very strong words of encouragement. He said that it is initiatives like this that could move this conversation from the community level to the national one.

In short we need to keep going. Liked to this post is President Keel’s homepage with information regarding local legislators and advocacy groups. If you are not in the Statesboro area, you can write to your own legislators about general cuts to higher education. This is not just Georgia Southern’s fight. It is one that stretches across the entire system.

The president’s encouragement means a great deal to me, and I promise to continue this initiative as much as I can. I am teaching so my responses may be a bit delayed, but I will be around as much as possible.

Thank you.


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