Tea Party Time Bomb Part 2: Skirmishes in pointless debate and threats

Before I get started, I would like to say that I mean no disrespect to the person involved with this blog. If anything I think she would appreciate a good debate.

Take a look at the twitter profile of Anne Freeman. If you look far enough down you may see a bit of a sprightly debate with Mr. Dbfuturist42, yours truly.


Okay, I will admit, I was kind of bad in this situation, but to be honest I thought I was much more respectful than the die hard liberal tweeple. I never swore at her, and the debate mostly centered on an issue based more on fact than opinion.

I will give a quick rundown of what occurred and try to be respectful and truthful. Miss Anne went on twitter demanding the impeachment of “Obozo” her little nickname for our current president. She seemed to link this demand to the seemingly imminent threat of budgetary reconciliation.

I kindly interjected that impeachment is more of a response to illegal activity, and that you generally don’t impeach someone because of wide spread disagreement with policy.

Okay, I know I was poking an alligator with a stick here, but just bear with me. In situations like this I try to adopt at least a few hints of the opponents viewpoint. I explained that ousting the democrats will be much more effectively accomplished by encouraging good conservative turnouts at polls, not a ravening (and in my humble opinion foolish) appeal to pathos by demanding impeachment.

I mean think about it. How likely is a democratically controlled congress going to get the gears going on impeachment because the tea party movement DISAGREES with the policy of a president?

Now she immediately called me out on my one obvious logical flaw. She asked why I cared.

At the time, I said it was because I simply wanted her mentions and inadvertent PR. That was a really cold thing to say and she blocked me…probably justifiably so.

But the more I think about it, the more I see that this was NOT about being an ass for the fun of it. Something about what she said irked me to the point of purposely strolling into an argument I had no chance in hell of winning.

And that point is this. I am SICK of the tea partiers fanning the flames in this ridiculous and utterly pointless manner. These people are truly running on pure emotion, to the point of making appeals they know can never come to pass. Impeaching Obama is obviously a battle cry rooted in the near impeachment of President Clinton, but having absolutely no bearing on political discussions the adults should have.

I know plenty of conservatives that I DEEPLY respect. People who are kind, intelligent, patient, empathetic, and generally well rounded debaters who CAN engage in a conversation without going ape doo doo on someone because they point out a flaw in the argument.

People who would rather keep fueling the far right’s idiot meme machine do not qualify for that respect. And the truly tragic thing here is that she KNEW what she was saying was complete and utter hogwash, admitting that there was no way the impeachment process would ever move.

But what scares me is what she said next.

@Dbfuturist42 I’m not frakk’n stupid! I’m pissed off! Only thing that will get rid of these shot heads is a Bon fire, a mob & ROPE!

Emphasis there on rope. All caps…yikes.

I am not looking down on her, I just think this entire exchange reveals some rather intriguing things. By all means, follow her if that type of rhetoric suits your pallet.

Me, I am glad she blocked me.


One Response to “Tea Party Time Bomb Part 2: Skirmishes in pointless debate and threats”

  1. That’s terrible David. This is one of the major problems with some in the tea bagging movement — some go to such extremes that no one can hold a civil conversation with them without conjuring images of racism and hate speak… sad, really sad… Thanks for pointing this out. Peace & Light — CarolAnnB

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