Investment Oppurtunity?

Google, juggernaut as they are, is indeed having an awful week. Several executives were convicted of crimes involving the post of a controversial video posted to Google’s video service.  The video depicted a child with autism being bullied and verbally abused. Following that, an anti-trust case and growing antagonism for the company growing in Europe is only putting more pressure on an internet entity suffering from, what looks to me, a moral defeat at the hands of China’s censorship laws.

For a quick recap, Craig Buckler offers an interesting rehash of the events in detail.

Now lets stop with the moral and ethical thinking for a bit and move into a vulture mentality. I see a grand investment opportunity evolving from this. Google’s stock price, as of this post hovers around 526.50. Keep in mind the market JUST opened and this is subject to obvious change.

These events could generate anxiety for investors and send them fleeing for Google competitors, including Microsoft, Yahoo, and even China’s Baidu, which just got a healthy investment from a Hulu investor. For that story, head to Techcrunch.

Even if this doesn’t translate to major market gain in Google’s competition, it will almost certainly send some investors running for the hills. They are an excitable lot.

Will these issues continue to plague Google far into the future. Hell no…at least I don’t think so.

This gives investors a chance to jump into one of the most valuable companies today. Fear will drive the stock price down, and when that fear is at its highest JUMP IN. Google is an amazing company and I personally have been waiting for a window just like this.

I am not going to call a bottom here, but I definitely see an investment window. So lets leave it off with this, what price would you jump in for a Google investment?


2 Responses to “Investment Oppurtunity?”

  1. I don’t really see any reason to run out and buy GOOG now, but I’m more of a buy on the dips vulture investor when it comes to my long term buys. So I wait for a stock to take a 10-20% hit, and buy a few shares forever. If that happened to GOOG, then I might.

    Until then, I don’t see any factors or themes to make it outperform the NASDAQ or S&P 500. I might even prefer a stock like BIDU with more room to grow.

    • atmaweapon42 Says:

      Good point, I just got excited when I saw they would be taking a hit. If this bad news keeps piling on, it could become quite a discount.

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