Tea Party Time Bomb? Of mediocrity maybe…

Lets get something staight, I lean left in the political spectrum.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way lets at least attempt some semblance of neutrality. I am very appreciative of the conservative view point. Fiscal conservative ideology has a great deal of insight into the role of government and the limits of what government can do in the lives of citizens.

In fact, from a dialectic perspective, I believe this country is in for a rough political ride due to the growing influence of conservative thought. Big government played a big role in twentieth century policy, ranging from Roosevelt’s new deal, to the radical leftist politics of communism from Mao to Chavez. People of the twentieth century turned toward government entities to provide answers, stability, and even ideology. As counterintuitive as it may seem, liberal ideology appears to be the dominant form of political thought, something of a prevailing thesis from a dialectic perspective.

We may need to pause to develop the idea of the dialectic. Hegel was a German philosopher who believed that human history always played out in a predictable fashion. A predominate thesis controls and enjoys popularity, a radical movement known as the antithesis challenges that thesis and produces ideological conflict, and ultimately a synthesis is produced combining the two perspectives into a reborn thesis. The process repeats itself for the entirety of history. Wanna learn more? Look here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hegelian_dialectic#Hegelian_dialectic

It is a rather sick jump in logic to apply this to the present form of the tea party movement. First, dialectic history is very much of tool of the Marxists, as they wanted to idealize (and consequently remove the religion from) dialectic thought to establish concrete goals and speculation for human development. To thrust the tea party phenomenon within this context is something that will no doubt infuriate those identifying themselves as tea party participants, but I don’t care. The tea party protestors fall within this pattern a little too beautifully to NOT explore their possible adherence to dialectic principles.

First and foremost, in this case, we can assume the thesis tea party protestors fight against is that of liberal ideology. It is a bit odd that in this case, the antithesis fights so hard to reestablish old guard politics, meaning a strict adherence to the constitution and a wayward conception of what the founding father’s intended this for the country.  That is the situation though, and the dominance of socialist institutions, and leftist politics in the twentieth century support the tea party as a true Antithesis in this case.

If liberalism is the thesis, and tea party movements form the antithesis, then it seems rather logical that the tea party has a good chance of becoming a lasting and powerful force in American politics.

Let that sink in for a second…and take a look at the political future.


The tea party poses a significant danger to the republican party as we know it, and could potentially derail the GOP’s power in both the house and the senate. Tea Party candidates act in a way similar to Ross Perot  and Ralph Nader in the presidential elections, robbing votes from one party and possibly benefiting the democrats in the process. Does this mean this particular antithesis could potentially cause more problems for conservatism due to its divisive nature?

Not if Scott Brown has anything to say about it. Many liberals will likely argue that the tea party’s politics represent a threat to the GOP, but it is still a young movement. It faces a variety of existential crises (real one’s, not that crap Hillary always spouts). The tea party will likely undergo some radical transformations if it is to survive.

Let me be honest, this movement scares the hell out of me. It is not the POLITICS that worries me about the Tea Party. These so called activists appear to be refurbished Republicans desperately trying to reinvent and revitalize a brutalized viewpoint. What worries me is the avenue of their phenomenal success: fear.

If you take a few seconds to investigate the tea party catalysts, namely Glenn Beck and his ilk, you will discover that their rhetoric is not based upon political solutions or ideals, but rather short sighted calls to be afraid. Tea party signs spouts slogans about socialism, fascism, government conspiracies, the loss of freedom, and even comparisons of government action to genocide and eugenics. Lets take some of the controversy out of this, the main mantra of tea party rhetoric flows from the constant comparison of Obama to socialist leaders and potential communist ideals. Beck himself constantly evokes Mao within his own television show.


Fear is a dangerous mantra, and my favorite part of all this is how infinitely overblown Beck’s comparison’s actually are. If you disagree with Obama, that is one thing. Comparing him to Mao in any extended way will simply not hold water. Just read an article on the man for yourself.


Pay very close attention to his military endeavors and the cultural revolution. Pretty crazy stuff huh?

Now lets say for one second that Obama does have some ideological and philosophical similarities with Mao.  That is not a particularly hard case to make considering they both fall into a leftist political perspective. What does matter is the insane level of difference in their own political intensity. Mao was involved in several militaristic endeavors, and became the center for a rather developed cult of personality.

That will NOT be the case with Obama, and here is why. Even if Obama secretly wants to create a communist society here in the USA, he has some rather large problems in achieving that goal. I will not even get into the myriad ways communism could never take hold, but I will say this. The United States has very detailed term limits. We have elections that allow the public to replace the leadership, and that happens quite a bit here in the good ole US of A. Still nervous? If Obama, or any one else for that matter starts messing with term limits, then yeah, you could have a potential problem. But it will be stupidly obvious what they are up to. Beck’s paranoia is completly and utterly unfounded.

Yet these tea partiers take this fear and anxiety and convert it into real political gasoline. The success of these tactics make me profoundly nervous, and not even for reasons you may think.  Many people view the tea party as a potentially dangerous demographic of right wing extremists. To be fair, these guys have not exactly given us reasons not to be scared of them. Some even show up to political rallies armed.


Yet even this craziness doesn’t really scare me. What scares me is how unbelievably vapid and pointless these rallies actually are.

This movement is not about a brand new solution to difficult social problems, and it is definitely not about an ideology the participants believe in. The tea party movement is about being afraid. How do I know that? Answer this question: what solutions OTHER than those proposed by the empty shell of the GOP have the tea partiers introduced into the political spectrum? The tea party has no answers on its own, it is simply a political scare campaign designed to impede and frustrate the goals of the current administration.

To be fair, sometimes fear can be a good thing. Maybe this administration is wrong, maybe Obama really is Satan, waiting to eat you and your children.

But until the tea party grows up and offers real original solutions, an ideology differentiating itself from the classic GOP, they will remain a force running completely on the gasoline of fear and adrenaline. That can’t sustain itself forever. For those who would wish to argue against me on these points, imagine what the tea party representatives would do once they gained power. If your only response to that question is “throw those current assholes out” you have missed the whole point behind politics and government in the first place.

Yet the dialectic really points to tea party as a possible Antithesis. There is no way around that fact.

So what synthesis will we have? The tea party must begin to confront the fact that it can’t just oppose the establishment forever. Once it becomes the establishment, what is left to oppose?

Now that is an existential crisis. Keep watching.


One Response to “Tea Party Time Bomb? Of mediocrity maybe…”

  1. Astounding post… Watch the film “Idiocracy” – it does a fairly good job of summarizing the potential, alternative reality that will come if the tea party establishes long-term power and control in this county. Bye-bye ethics, morality, decency, civility, and intelligence on way too many levels… Ugh — Thx for sharing; I’m liking your blog posts! – Peace & Light — CarolAnn

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