The End of Health Care/ Pick an evil.

Looks like the MA election is going to cause some rather interesting head aches for Obama’s already wounded agenda. This is really the first time I have invested anything politically and I am starting to think I backed the wrong horse here. Really, everything about Obama’s presidency has been a series of catastrophic failures and disappointments.

In reality, healthcare was dead long before Scott Brown was elected. It was a fate actually worse than death, as the dwindling whiny conservative minority joined an almost underground rowe of conservaitve Dems. They succeeded in turning healthcare into a zombie: a meer mockery of what the legislation was ultimately supposed to be.

Worst of all, the controversial mandate combined with the lack of a public option gave the impression that the government would feed scores of struggling lower class workers to an already inflated healthcare system…by LAW.

Whether if functioned that way in the final draft we will probably never know. Now that the super majority has melted away, the already mangled legislation will likely decay into an even more zombified version, weakened and torn apart to a point of near humor, if it wasn’t so damn disheartening.

We have to step back and moment and really think about what this means for progressive politics in America. The American people have awarded a wounded Republican party several key victories. The New Jersey Governor’s election combined with what just occured in historically liberal Massachusetts does send a message, but I am no ready to commit to the assumption that America has come back to the conservative party. This victory was not a confirmation of any political ideology, rather this was an attempt to punish the incumbent party, something I worry was also the case with the election of Barack Obama. In a sense, I think America’s political sole truly hovers somewhere between conservative and liberal bias, hence the endless stream upset victories in traditional liberal/conservative areas.

I follow Jim Sinclair’s Mineset and several of the Gold Bug themed blogs, and according to their usually laughable attempt to chart the progression of history toward doomsday, they predict the emergence of a new political party, something that can take advantage of the deep seated resentment geared toward both political affiliations. For once, the nay saying goldbugs may actually be right, because America doesn’t really seem to believe any more. Political identity is couched rather in the hatred for one party or another, not the pride of one’s own views. Listening to Rush Limbaugh for five minutes shows that conservatives are not concerned with showing the nation how their ideology will save the day, rather the focus obsesses with the flaws of the eternal alien other. The conspiracy theories of Glenn Beck can almost remind one of Salem witch hunts.

To conclude, the success of these shows do NOT reveal the deep seated party affiliation for either political ideology, but a deeper political unrest. Someone must step up soon too, because America can’t afford to see saw between Liberalism and Conservatism much longer. This rejection of both views roots America in a stalemate of inaction and delay. America, it may be better to just pick an evil and stick with it for a while.


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